Are you thinking about starting a webshop? Does it feel overwhelming and you're not too sure where to begin? Don't worry, we can help you get started today.

Why start a webshop?

A webshop is a great complement to a physical retail shop, but many also choose to sell exclusively online. There are several advantages to having a webshop:

  1. Increased reach and accessibility: A webshop allows you to reach a broader audience worldwide and make your products and services available 24/7.

  2. Increased sales: Having a webshop can boost sales by offering customers easy and convenient access to your products and services at any time of day.

  3. Lower operating costs: A webshop is typically cheaper to operate than a physical store because it doesn't necessarily require a physical storefront, inventory, or on-site staff.

  4. Improved customer relationships: By using tools like email marketing and social media, you can build better customer relationships and enhance customer loyalty.

  5. Better customer insights: A webshop enables you to collect data about your customers and their purchasing behaviors, helping you tailor your products and marketing strategies to better suit their needs.

  6. Simplified inventory management: With a webshop, you can easily manage your inventory and reduce the risk of overstocking and financial losses.

  7. An environmentally friendly option: A webshop can be a more eco-friendly alternative to a physical store, as it reduces the need for transportation and travel.

In summary, webshops offers numerous benefits for businesses, including increased reach, higher sales, cost savings, improved customer relationships, better customer insights, simplified inventory management and a more environmentally friendly option.

Payment methods, security and accessibility.

We can also assist you with other critical aspects of your online store, such as security measures and payment solutions. We ensure that your online store is secure for both you and your customers.

You can choose the payment solution that suits you best and together we can explore various options and technical solutions.

If you want to start a webshop but don't know where to begin, we are here to help. Contact us today, and we can start working together to create a successful webshop tailored to suit your business.

Why e-commerce should invest in digital accessibility:
  1. Expanded customer base and audience: By prioritizing digital accessibility, you can reach a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities. A website designed to be accessible to all users opens up opportunities to reach a larger and more diverse customer base.

  2. Enhanced conversion and sales: An accessible website provides a smoother and more user-friendly experience for all visitors. This includes faster loading times, clear navigation, and customizable interfaces. By making it easier for customers to find and purchase products, the likelihood of conversions increases, leading to higher sales.

  3. Compliance with the law: Digital accessibility is not only good business ethics; it is also a legal requirement starting from 2025.

  4. Strengthened brand reputation and loyalty: E-commerce companies actively working towards digital accessibility demonstrate their commitment to inclusion and social responsibility. This can enhance brand reputation and build loyalty among customers and the broader community. Many consumers choose to shop from companies that share their values.

  5. Keeping pace with technological advancements: Technology continually advances, including innovations that can make digital experiences more accessible. By investing in digital accessibility now, e-commerce businesses position themselves for future technological trends and ensure that their platforms are ready to embrace new opportunities.

In summary, digital accessibility will not only improve the user experience for everyone but is also a strategic investment for e-commerce to boost sales, build brand reputation, and comply with the law.

Integrations with ERP Systems

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is used by companies to manage and integrate various business processes and functions within the organization, such as finance, inventory management, procurement, sales, and personnel management.

There are many advantages to using an ERP solution. An ERP system can increase efficiency and productivity by integrating and automating business processes, reducing manual work and errors. It can also provide company management and decision-makers with an overview of the company's operations, helping them make more informed and timely decisions.

We have developed integrations from our webshop solution to several ERP systems, including but not limited to:

  • Laihia-Data
  • DL Software
  • Netsuite
  • Erply
  • Lemonsoft
  • Compilator
  • Visma Nova

 A webshop with fast loading time is crucial to provide customers with a good experience and increase the conversion rate. When customers visit your webshop, they want to quickly find what they are looking for and be able to make their purchases easily and without hiccups.

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A Great Addition to Your Physical Store

A webshop is an excellent complement to a physical store or another sales channel. With a webshop, you can expand your reach and accessibility, reduce your operating costs, and increase your sales by offering customers more purchasing options. For example, customers can buy your products online and then pick them up in-store, providing them with flexibility and convenience that can boost their likelihood of shopping with you.

A webshop allows you to expand your customer base and reach potential customers who may not have visited your physical store. Additionally, it provides your existing customers with easy and convenient access to your products and services at any time of day.