What you need when you need it

We always tailor our products according to customer needs. Nothing is impossible for us when it comes to web development.


A good website should be easy to update. WebAdmin is developed with an emphasis on ease of use. We build stylish web pages that even work on mobile phones. 


Booking applications

With our easy to use, customizable, web-based booking applications we offer you a flexible and easy handling of bookings, services, customer database, course bookings, etc.

Bookings and reservations
Course booking


Make sure that your products are also available online, where a large part of today's customers are. We can help you and your online shop to evolve and achieve business success.


Our customers

Our customers include both large and small businesses, associations, cities and municipalities.
No customer is too big or too small for us.

 Our emphasis is on good customer service, customers know that they can always get in touch and get support with both small and big issues.

Our customers' success is a win for us!

A selection of our customers