StripeCon Europe 2023


StripeCon Europe 2023 took place on September 14th and 15th at the "Design Zentrum Hamburg". Our CEO Kalle Smeds and lead programmer Niklas Forsdahl took part for the third time. During the convention Kalle and Niklas held a presentation on "E-Commerce in Europe: Powering growth via partnerships".

Kalle and Niklas presenting at StripeCon Europe 2023

What is StripeCon Europe 2023?

StripeCon Europe 2023 is a convention designed for individuals who share an interest in Silverstripe CMS, this is the platform we have chosen to base our Webadmin on. The two day convention features a diverse array of speakers who will delve into different aspects of Silverstripe, including coding in this environment and exploring what the future holds.

This year StripeCon took place in Hamburg Germany on 14th and 15th September. The whole event was streamed live on YouTube and these are also available on StripeCon's Youtube channel!


You can see event details and the full schedule of StripeCon 2023 on their website at:


StripeCon's Youtube channel:


What happened at StripeCon Europe 2023

StripeCon Europe 2023 is the biggest meet up for SilverStripe community members in Europe. During two days there were a lot of good presentations, ranging from shorter to longer ones about a variety of topics. This year the emphasis was on AI and e-commerce.

StripeCon features many familiar faces of the Silverstripe community, including our own Kalle and Niklas who have now participated in three StripeCon conventions so far, the first being a virtual one in 2021 and last year in Stockholm.

On day two of the convention Kalle and Niklas had their own presentation on "E-Commerce in Europe: Powering growth via partnerships"

This is year StripeCon was held at Design Zentrum Hamburg in Hamburg Germany on September 14th and 15th 2023.



E-Commerce in Europe: Powering growth via partnerships

Kalles and Niklas presentation on e-commerce in Europe delved into the different requirements that online webshops will have to face in the near future. The emphasis was on accessibility and building user friendly e-commerce solutions for everyone, no matter what challenges or tools someone might use when navigating the web.

It's worth being aware that accessibility is going to be required by law in 2025; European accessibility act. You can read more about this law and what it means on the European Commissions webpages:
Read The European Commissions article on the European accessibility act


Kalle's Takeaway from Hamburg: New and old Familiar Faces

During StripeCon, we had the opportunity to have more personal conversations with our existing partners. We also got to know several new individuals and companies.

While in Hamburg, Kalle also took the chance to meet with Creamarketing's first e-commerce customer, Leif Östergård, who lives in Hamburg. Leif Östergård was the entrepreneur behind Finn-Teho Ab (Korsholm) and Finnimport GmbH (Hamburg).



We realized that it has been over 20 years since Creamarketing built the first webshop. It was a very rewarding conversation with Leif, who wished us all the best in our internationalization efforts and with our new partners in Europe.

The feedback we received about our work in e-commerce is highly motivating. "Keep up the good work, guys, see you in Ljubljana next year" were some of the last words we heard as we left StripeCon to return to Finland."




In the 25 years of existence, Creamarketing has been working with Silverstripe CMS for more than 10 years now. Silverstripe isn't the biggest or most well known CMS solution on the internet, compared to the likes of WordPress. That means that it's all the more interesting to be able to meet up with other like minded "strangers" and talk about out shared interest in this CMS-environment and coding!

StripeCon is great and we look forward to 2024 StripeCon in Ljubljana, Slovania! If you are thinking about starting a webshop or website, we'd be happy to show what SilverStripe/Webadmin can do for you!