Malax's renewed website is packed with information but loads in just a second


The municipality's website was updated in September to Webadmin 7, featuring a fresh new layout. The new website is accessibility-adapted to meet WCAG requirements at level AA.

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Before commencing work on the new website, the municipality conducted a survey among residents, revealing a desire for an improved search function and better mobile responsiveness. Using the survey results as a starting point, the project was initiated.

Collaboration is the project's key theme

The new website is the outcome of close collaboration between Creamarketing and the municipality, designed to offer an enhanced digital experience for residents and visitors alike. Creamarketing's longstanding partner, Gabriel Ardiles at Al Downtown, contributed to the graphic layout. The website boasts a modern and intuitive design, ensuring easy navigation and information retrieval.

A significant leap forward


With the new website, Malax municipality takes a substantial step forward in digitization and improved service for its residents. Designed with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility, the website makes it easier than ever for residents to find information.

It offers a range of features, including seamless navigation, quick access to vital information, and an advanced search function that even searches PDF documents.

It incorporates a moderation function that facilitates administrators in keeping track of content updates. Despite being content-rich with documents and files, users won't notice, thanks to its fast loading times.

A municipality's website must be accessible to all.


As a municipal site, it is mandated by law to be accessible to all according to WCAG requirements at level AA. The Accessibility Act aims to promote accessibility for individuals with disabilities, ensuring their full participation in society. Public websites and mobile applications must be designed to be usable for individuals with various disabilities, including visual and hearing impairments. The Accessibility Act in Finland is a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive society, allowing all citizens, regardless of disabilities, to fully participate in community life.


Malax municipality is pleased to enhance communication with its residents through the new website, encouraging everyone to explore its content and features. The website will regularly feature updated information on the municipality's news, events, and services.


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